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We understand it can be hard to connect to customers especially selling leading edge technology solutions.

IoT North is driven to make things easier to accelerate the adoption of IoT.

The IoT North Marketplace is space to host your use cases, with no branding, to remove presumption of cost or viability.

We will connect based on the substance of the solution use case.

IoT North will advertise and market your solution, delivering lead generation through multiple tactics including, but not limited to, social marketing and industry groups.

Prospective customers will then simply click a connect button on your use case to be connected with you via email.

For a small investment of time, literally a couple of minutes to upload your use case, and in return, your next big customer

Whilst in BETA the full service is free and when we move in to production (a few months) there will be a small charge per connection with a customer, making this a very cost effective lead generation solution for the IoT market.

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Register an account today and start advertising your use cases. We are currently in BETA so all enquiries generated are free! After our beta enquiries will be charged.

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