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The Value Proposition

For senior living communities who want to deliver peace of mind to their families and support their residents with dementia, CareBand is the tool that enables people to age in a safe, healthy, and happy way. Unlike traditional senior care devices, our CareBand products work indoors and outdoors, are stylish, discrete, and provide actionable care insights.

The Problem

Elopement, the act of wandering away from a safe residence, is very dangerous for older adults with dementia. An estimated 60% of community-dwelling individuals with Alzheimer's will wander away at least once. Newspapers and the broadcast media report stories of cognitively impaired older adults leaving homes and long-term care facilities and becoming lost. While some wanderers are found alive, others are found injured or dead. A few wanderers are never found. According to reviews of claims against nursing homes, 70% of elopement incidents end death, 45% occur in the first 48 hours after admission, and 80% involve chronic wanderers.

The Solution

The CareBand solution provides a wearable device with location tracking both indoors and outdoors and a help button. When an older adult wearing a CareBand approaches an exit door a series of notifications occur and are sent via text, call, or pager to the nearest staff member. When the senior is outside the CareBand switches from indoor to outdoor tracking via GPS and is able to share a live map of where the person is. The technology leverages a low power, long-range radio (i.e. LoRa) and does not use wifi or cellular.

Return On Investment

Resident elopement may not happen often, but when it does, it may cost assisted living communities a lot of money in insurance claims and reputation risk. According to a newly released analysis of claims data, elopement-related insurance claims represent only 5.8% of assisted living-related professional liability insurance claims, but this type of claim is increasing in frequency and has the second-highest average total amount paid, $388,048 per claim.

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Posted 23/03/2021

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