Air Quality Monitoring with Cellular Connectivity

The Value Proposition

Designed to enable developers of IoT solutions to get quickly up and running with a global IoT connectivity solution, using a platform that enables self-onboarding and self-management of SIM cards via one intuitive interface, we make global IoT connectivity easily accessible to anyone interested in developing connected devices.

The Problem

Pollution levels have become an increasingly pressing matter and are receiving more mainstream attention as citizens lobby for greater measures to improve the air quality in their towns and cities. Smart technology has allowed for initiatives to collect better quality data and make real-time decisions quickly and affordably. 

However not all air quality monitors are able to connect to a Wi-Fi network, particularly those within buildings such as schools or remote locations. 

The Solution

With Wi-Fi proving to be impractical our customer opted for 4G connectivity to connect the modem for their air quality monitor. After first using a data SIM with a large monthly fee attached, they then swapped to one of our dedicated IoT SIM cards.

Return On Investment

With monthly data plans costing anywhere from £6-£30 per month costs can escalate if you’re looking to deploy a fleet of them. We offer two dynamic pre- or post-paid pricing options for our connectivity.

Despite its simplicity, ours is far from a one size fits all service. The platform allows granular management of IoT connectivity, including control of data limits and unlimited access to data usage records. A full API suite enables users to integrate the service directly into their application layer or software. 

Get connected in a few clicks without commitments, contracts, or lock in.

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Posted 03/04/2021

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