Industrial IoT Tracking

The Value Proposition

Looking for a robust and scalable solution ready to meet your digital transformation needs?

Our multipurpose IoT management platform EvenKeel has been designed to integrate with your systems to ensure a quick and efficient roll out for your tracking needs.

As a fully licensed IoT mobile network operator, and with 30+ years’ experience in the industry, we can provide both the hardware/software in addition to managing the service, allowing you to reap the rewards from the tracking information and data generated from the network.

The Problem

Current IoT Tracking solutions fall short of leveraging real-time, multi-source tracking/connectivity technologies onto one single integrated platform and underutilizing the data generated by these networks.

Having separate technologies, systems, and User Interfaces (UI) to IoT tracking takes the real time away from real time data. This leads to manual or even paper-based analysis that can only go so far when trying to achieve greater security for important assets and increase value with asset utilization reports.

The Solution

We provide the low-powered wireless network, the devices, and our own IoT management platform EvenKeel can be deployed both locally and on the cloud, tailored to your companies tracking needs.

Our pre-packaged IoT management platform can support Cellular and Low Powered Wide Area Network technologies such as LTE/5G(NB-IoT, LTE-M) and LoRaWAN or any combination of these technologies.

We will provide real-time access to all your data via API, and can generate alerts based on geofencing, temperature, speed etc. Our flexible and scalable solution can display this data via UI or back to your own systems. 

Return On Investment

Our solution allows you to make extensive cost reductions through the exploitation of this valuable data and asset visibility. It will drive further logistical efficiency and realize revenue growth opportunities via the delivery of new value-added digital service offerings to the transportation and logistics ecosystem.

Our IoT Management Platform EvenKeel will allow you to achieve greater security for important assets and increase value with asset utilization reports. It is the final missing link, connecting the physical layer and reducing the human touchpoints to fully digitize your business.

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Posted 20/04/2021

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