Warehousing - Validate quantity and check for damage of goods

The Value Proposition

For logistics operations managers who are suffering from receiving the wrong quantity and/or damaged items into their warehouse, The Edge leverages computer vision to reduce the cost of receiving and improve its accuracy. ​

Evolving manual processes that are time-consuming and error-prone, this solution automatically counts the received number of items and detects whether any are damaged while providing you with the latest insights in real-time, all the time, automatically improving workforce efficiency.

The Problem

Suppliers deliver the wrong amount and/or damaged items, but due to the overall received volume, it is impossible to manually inspect before signing for receipt or alternatively, it is slowing down the receiving process, driving up the cost and receiving cycle time.

The Solution

Physically mount a camera into the receiving area of the warehouse, using computer vision to automatically count received items and inspect for damage. Based on the data intelligence created in real time, you are enabled with a display of the unloaded quantity and whether and which of the items are damaged to the warehouse operative.

Return On Investment

The solution leveraging computer vision and edge computing which easily connects into your existing technology, delivers reduced costs of receiving; it enables an increase receiving labour productivity; increased receiving accuracy; reduced receiving cycle time; no more discussion with suppliers on incomplete or damaged shipments.

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Posted 09/04/2021

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