Assisted living

The Value Proposition

With an ageing population and increased strains on resources, simplified and cost effective care solutions are vital in ensuring people receive the support they need to maintain long, independent lives.

We support social care and independent living through technology enabled care, enabling early intervention through an automated alert system, allowing care providers to manage resources for those most in need.

The Problem

Care providers today are severely financially challenged, councils are seeking to protect their communities and the workforce is increasingly stretched.

Without resource-intensive monitoring by care staff, it is very difficult to ascertain if residents have become unwell. In the worst-case scenario, this information is obtained too late which results in severe implications for residents who may decline rapidly.

The Solution

A small device is posted through a letter box and placed in the resident’s kitchen. Requiring no mains power or internet connection, it immediately begins monitoring environmental conditions and builds a picture of activity based on events such as cooking a meal or opening a window.

Over the initial 48 hours, an understanding of the resident’s typical behaviour is built. If activity levels decline, alerts are raised. This alert system helps care teams quickly identify residents who may be experiencing ill health or have had an accident, allowing swift intervention.

Return On Investment

Public and private sector care providers are exploring new ways of supporting residents in a financially viable manner that is simple to use, protects confidentiality and reduces administrative burden.

Within the first week of deploying sensors across the Sutton area, alerts were raised in relation to two residents. Upon investigation they were found to require medical attention. Medical staff said that, without the early alert system, one of the residents would have passed away later that day.

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Posted 13/04/2021

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