Smart waste management

The Value Proposition

Our smart waste management solution uses sensors to optimise collection routes and inform of potential spills and environmental risks that result. With a user interface revealing the temperature, locations and fill levels of all bins, waste collectors can get an automated route planned for them that has prioritised areas in urgent need of clean-up and avoided bins that still have room.

The Problem

Traditionally, waste collection is entirely manual, using schedules to ensure that bins are emptied on a regular basis, regardless of their fill-level. This means that drivers spend both time and fuel emptying bins that, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, may often or always be mostly-empty. Conversely, overflowing bins can be left for a long period of time without being emptied due to a lack of insight.

The Solution

These bins optimise fleet logistics operations and reduce fuel consumption, they also record the number of times they are emptied and how fast they fill up. The collected data facilitates more insightful actions, such as planning better distribution of bins, zeroing on problems (e.g. incorrect disposal practices and people in bins), or reducing waste going to the landfill.

Our solution also enables the monetisation of empty space in commercial bins, through a pay as you throw commercial model. Particularly useful when bins are shared by multiple companies.

Return On Investment

52% savings from waste collection spend.

BCP Council set out to address challenges associated with waste management, which costs £370k pa, including inefficient collections, littered environments and asset damage from fire. The project has expanded to cover recycling monitoring, in pursuit of more accurate reconciliation.

We have demonstrated the opportunity to improve routing efficiency based on real-time data, and to reduce littering in busy areas by using trend data to plan asset placement. It also helps reduce unnecessary vehicle movements, which reduces CO2 emissions. By monitoring temperature anomalies, we identify potential fire risk or human and animal presence in bins.

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