Legionella monitoring

The Value Proposition

Efficient and effective Legionella mitigation driven by IoT technology.

Traditionally, property managers have to physically check and record water temperature measurements and glean potential health risks themselves, a process that’s cumbersome and unreliable.

Through IoT, as no human interaction is required, property managers can be confident that readings are accurate and up to date and therefore, the risk of legionella presence is greatly reduced.

The Problem

Legionella risk management is an administrative burden. The process adds no organisational value, yet provides additional cost and work to maintain compliance.

The effects of poor management in this area are potentially severe, affecting the health of impacted individuals and resulting in significant financial penalties for non-compliant management organisations. In fact, financial penalties have been issued for non-compliant practices, even before health issues arise. £3 million to one company in 2018.

In short, traditional manual methods result in significant costs and lower than ideal levels of effectiveness that may not sufficiently mitigate the potential risk.

The Solution

By deploying temperature sensors on water pipes, readings can be collected and transmitted to a central dashboard. Readings can be provided multiple times daily, ensuring timely compliance and alerts can be raised when readings breach predefined tolerance levels.

All sensors are powered by battery, with a life-expectancy of 3-5 years. No Wi-Fi or internet connection is required.

This improvement in effectiveness reduces the risk of illness, gives confidence to property owners and shows inspectors that the most robust methodologies are being pursued; in turn enhancing mitigation in the event of an incident.

Return On Investment

In most cases, the number of visits required per building drops from 12 per year to 4 per year which represents a significant reduction in the financial and environmental cost of manual visits. Importantly, labour can be redirected to more beneficial areas of work.

Most organisations now have targets to reduce their environmental impact. By eliminating the need for frequent site visits, carbon emissions resulting from fuel usage and vehicle maintenance are all but removed from the process.

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