Smart parking

The Value Proposition

Through our partnership with RingGo, we provide the market leading smart parking solution. Building on RingGo’s cashless payment parking solution, we have added individual bay sensor technology, where the presence of a vehicle in a parking bay can be detected in real-time.

The sensors enable parking operators to remotely monitor space utilisation and infringements in real-time, and provide a frictionless experience for motorists. 

The Problem

Parking remains a fractious topic as it often represents a significant income stream for authorities but the experiences that local residents, businesses, and visitors have when parking is often poor. Struggling urban centres and high streets cite parking as a significant challenge, with the stress associated with finding and paying for parking linked to people avoiding local shops, increasingly turning to home delivery or even driving to retail parks.

The Solution

Remote monitoring using sensors enables various parking use cases, including:

Dynamic space monitoring, delivering efficiencies to traffic congestion and parking enforcement;

Emissions based parking to encourage zero emission vehicles into a region;

Electric vehicle bay monitoring so that charging points are both found with ease and not abused;

Resident parking & taxi ranks to detect parking infringements in real time;

Limited wait bays & occupancy monitoring of shared spaces to promote kerbside commerce with local shops;

Virtual parking bays for commercial delivery management;

Further integrations provide the opportunity to update smart signage, providing guidance for drivers in search of parking.

Return On Investment

We show space availability and present motorists the quickest route to get there, minimising time on the road, thus improving air quality.

Economic growth opportunities through encouraging visitors to make use of local services. Longer visits are encouraged by improving the experience of finding and paying for parking, without the worry of running out of time. 

Parking infringements are ticketed in real time (increased revenue) without the need to increase the number of enforcement officers patrolling the area (saving costs).

We estimate that for every cash collection van cut by a Council, 10 tonnes of CO2 are saved each year.

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Posted 14/04/2021

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