Management of housing stock

The Value Proposition

By having sensors in properties, it allows a housing provider more understanding about how their properties are used and what changes can be made that will improve their efficiency, provide a better service to their tenants and offer greater value for money.

Specifically, we have solutions for water leak detection, damp and mould, fuel poverty, vacant property monitoring and flagging potential cases of cuckooing.

The Problem

Social housing is a vital function of local authorities. The pressure on services is high, making it difficult to ensure healthy environments are maintained.

Housing is a recognised public health issue with research evidence showing that poor housing presents a risk to both physical and mental health and wellbeing.

The challenge of monitoring and maintaining housing stock means that properties can fall into a state of disrepair and residents' health can be impacted through excessive damp and associated airborne particles.

The cost to councils for scheduled and emergency maintenance of housing stock, plus legislative compliance, is a significantly growing burden.

The Solution

Our analytics platform logs historical issues against each property and has an alert system that triggers maintenance tasks based on pattern detection and forecasts trends.

Having visibility of degrading property conditions, such as high levels of humidity, damp, or unhealthy temperatures, enables prioritisation of planned and emergency maintenance.

Through remote unobtrusive monitoring, local authorities now have the ability to proactively monitor and maintain their housing stock, thus reducing costs of remedial action through early intervention and in doing so, protecting the health of residents.

Return On Investment

Local authorities, housing associations and facilities management organisations need to consider the health, safety and maintenance of their properties as one. A poorly maintained property has knock on impacts to the long-term health and short-term safety of its residents.

Undetected leaks and ventilation issues create the perfect conditions for damp and the proliferation of mould, which can lead to significant respiratory issues.

A holistic solution that identifies leaks and mould risk, streamlines the monitoring process without the requirement of multiple integrations, thus increasing effectiveness and impact without the need for manual checks or resident reporting.

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Posted 14/04/2021

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