Emergency Lighting Testing and Reporting

The Value Proposition

For building and estate owners keeping on top of emergency lighting compliance is onerous. 100% compliance with standards is not easy, but it is mandatory, with significant repercussions for those found to be non-compliant.


Our lightweight IoT retrofit sensor uses DALI, an industry recognised protocol that automates emergency lighting testing to a perfect schedule, completely removing manual intervention. The sensor tracks results of automated function and duration tests and reports them directly to the cloud. 


By automating you can save 50% on yearly costs of in-person emergency lighting testing and seamlessly track compliance with BS5266 across your entire estate.

The Problem

Under BS5266 buildings must have emergency lighting in place that is tested monthly. Councils, housing associations and large facilities are forced to spend huge sums on in-person site visits, testing and record keeping to make sure their compliance obligations are properly met. 


If you have multiple buildings under your remit, emergency lighting compliance becomes even more challenging. Data management of thousands of tests each month can quickly overwhelm your budget and resources. When workloads increase, testing delays and slower than normal repairs are a knock on effect that can lead to things being missed, or worse, non-compliance.

The Solution

Our solution ensures each emergency light can test itself and report directly to the cloud to meet daily, weekly, monthly and annual test obligations. Built on the DALI open standard the sensor works with all major brands of emergency light so you’re never locked into a single vendor. Sensors do not need local internet access or additional wiring making them ideal for retrofit.


Our platform lets you manage compliance by UPRN and issue reports as required. We also offer API integration with your building management or facilities systems so you can automate reporting and repair works.

Return On Investment

We offer a compelling return on investment to asset owners. Over five years you can save up to 50% of the costs associated with in-person testing, not to mention improved internal compliance reporting and future proofing for the demands of the Golden Thread.

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