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The Value Proposition

We can turn any factory into a smart factory, where humans interact with machines. Easily installed “no touch” monitoring devices capture the interactions of your product, people, and equipment. Leveraging sensors, computer vision and artificial intelligence, your team can see issues as they occur and fix problems before they impact productivity, identify opportunities to increase speed, improve efficiency and increase profits.

Our system is quickly implemented using a subscription business model requiring no capital expenditure, no IT investment, no down-time – we just need power and a few weeks. Start small, scale as needed.

The Problem

Industry is driven by data, however, the vast majority of operations are not automated or digitally connected: data is very incomplete, although visible to people, they generate no data. Many machines are still “silent machines” such as legacy and in-house equipment that are not digitally integrated.

We close the loop and digitise the all the visible data using AI and machine learning. We can integrate with any existing smart infrastructure, to give a complete smart factory solution.

The Solution

Easily installed monitoring devices capture the interactions of your product, people, and equipment of any vintage. We capture this data to the cloud, and using artificial intelligence to translate physical operations into analytical data and real time actionable intelligence.

Actionable intelligence is machine-derived information you can actually understand and find valuable. This intelligence was either non-existent or insanely costly due to all the various moving parts in typical operational environments. We enable your team to deal with issues on-the-spot in real time and avoid management by wandering around (MBWA).

Return On Investment

We deliver a ROI by operating a simple subscription model. Deployed in hours. Benefits in days. Without operations disruptions.

As some examples, our customers have saved over 17% in cycle time within the first 10 weeks of implementing our solutions. Proven to improve OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) by over 10%.

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