Automated IoT Vulnerability Management and Firmware Analysis Platform

The Value Proposition

For IoT/embedded device manufacturers & vendors and organizations that use IoT/networking devices who are looking for an automated approach to manage their device's firmware vulnerabilities our automated IoT vulnerability management and firmware analysis platform is a cloud-based service that is easy to use and accessible to any organization, offers various (DevOps & SIEM) integrations, has a subscription-based pricing and provides actionable insights.

The Problem

Implementing security for (I)IoT/embedded devices is proven to be difficult. And with constant business demands for more features and faster release schedules, it’s only getting worse. Finding an automated approach to manage your device’s firmware vulnerabilities is essential. Whether you manufacture the device, use it in your organization, integrate it into a larger solution offering, or are responsible for its security testing and compliance, our automated IoT vulnerability management and firmware analysis platform is here to help.

The Solution

We offer an automated analysis platform to meet various needs for IoT security. Our solution provides penetration testing and detailed cyber security assessments of IoT devices/firmware in an online environment that closely simulates the real-world. Built to scale regardless of organization size and use case, our IoT Firmware Analysis and Monitoring platform provides full automation and integration with both DevOps and SecOps pipelines to improve IoT device security throughout its lifecycle. Our solution provides companies with detailed technical and engineering reports and regularly updated data feeds via our REST API for companies' continuous integrated development and security automated systems.

Return On Investment

Our solution's patent pending technology guarantees our customers less uncertainty, more security, and the best ROI. Providing actionable, comprehensive insights, our solution helps lower engineering and operational costs while reducing IoT security risks including breaches, regulatory fines and brand damage. IoT security Pentesting and Certifications with our platform is cost-efficient (2x-10x ROI, fraction of a cost) and time-efficient & fast (get the initial report/dashboard within minutes).

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