The Value Proposition

Our smart VIOLET AI cameras and AI analytics platform helps manufacturers to enhance human productivity by providing continuous real time insights into manual production operations, leading to better training, fewer defects, and reduced waste. We are the Google analytics for manual production lines.

The Problem

Today there are 300 million people working in factories worldwide; they form the backbone of the modern manufacturing despite the myth that robots have taken over. 

The majority of IoT solutions concentrate on machine data; we know very little about the performance of manual processes (until it is too late, i.e. a defect has occurred) and no scalable way to measure this - until now.

The Solution

VIOLET AI digitises manual production/build/assembly/maintenance operations using advanced AI, extracting data based on operator and line activity while providing insights to production managers and actionable recommendations to the operators.

Our innovation is beyond state-of-the-art computer vision; by placing UX at the core of AI and IoT, we are improving the way in which people work, learn and develop.

Return On Investment

VIOLET AI delivers productivity improvements through innovative AI technology with User Experience at its core. The system brings value through:

  • Automatic defect detection (Reduce waste, CO2)
  • Traceability & compliance via automatically created historical records (Identify root causes instantly)
  • Automatic skill capture on the factory floor for operator training and knowledge dissemination (Easily train, retrain and engage your workforce)

Example sectors applications include Aerospace, MRO, Automotive, Construction, Consumer Electronics

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Posted 03/08/2021

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