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The Value Proposition

Convenience and Control for monitoring and operating domestic windows. Scheduled opening and closing of windows to improve indoor air quality and well-being. Reduce risk of burglaries through windows by automatically closing windows when property is empty. Alerts and notifications directly to your smartphone if window tampering detected. Allow disabled, elderly, bed-bound people to enjoy fresh air daily while they are indoors. Reduce the need to rely on noisy electrical fan in bedroom to cool you at night. Prevent loss of heat if window left open while central heating system is on in Autumn and Winter periods.

The Problem

Not everyone has the ability, time, interest to ventilate their home regularly. Occupiers are faced with missing window lock keys. Stale air can have a negative effect on one's mood and energy. People forget to lock or even close their windows in turn avoiding or not bothering to open windows for even a short periods of time. Through colder seasons home ventilation is avoided in favor of retaining heat In certain areas people may even avoid opening windows due to risk of opportunistic burglary missing out on ability to rejuvenate indoor air. Moisture naturally builds up in homes.

The Solution

A battery powered, retrofitable smart window device that can be fitted to an existing UPVC window frame. The platform will provide Smart Home integration. Automation to improve indoor air quality by setting a schedule which windows, when and for how long should open. Setup scheduling based on events, temperature, humidity or time. Never have to worry about open windows, close them from your smartphone, reduce risk of burglary. Allow the Smart Window Hub to notify your Smart Central Heating system to turn off heating if window is opened to prevent waste of energy and money.

Return On Investment

In the UK, domestic UPVC window & door market is £2 billion per year - that is for all newly produced windows & doors. The UK Government aims to build 250,000 homes per year (never succeeds). Since the solution is intended to be retrofittable and battery powered with minimal maintenance, it can be installed on most existing UPVC casement window frames that are in almost every property in the UK. Looking for pre-seed funding to allow completion of the prototype and getting a product to market for equity based investment.

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Posted 23/03/2021

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