Secure Industrial Networks

The Value Proposition

Integration of hardware and software (Operational Technologies) with existing machinery, factory lines, and process systems through a secure-by-design network to avoid downtime. This type of networks conforms with government standards for high-compliance industries such as Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and Utilities among others. Secure Industrial Networks connect to SD-WANs allowing multiple services to run in tandem whilst being segregated for security. Our solution incorporates a multi-layered design with several security mechanisms at different levels, like resilient switches, dual hardware, edge computing servers, back-up cloud systems, industrial networks visibility software, high-frequency data trading, virtual environments, firewalls and encryption.

The Problem

Becoming a global organization requires enhanced resources and quality, greater investment behind technology, compliance, and direct communications between operations and the C-Suite level executives, especially EVPs of Supply. High-compliance industries are under strict government regulations in order to guarantee good/ethical practices, product safety, and to comply with strict quality standards. Secure Industrial Networks play a major role in meeting these requirements. Using this solution, production is enhanced through the integration of hardware and software with existing factory lines and process systems, allowing greater compliance and avoiding downtime, which is a major risk factor that impacts product safety and quality.

The Solution

Secure by design and redundant networks for serialisation compliance, meeting the latest security requirements, complying with industry standards, and granting continuous access to production at all levels. The outcomes:

  • Effective deployment of the OT system, creating IIoT readiness and secure connections.
  • Streamlined virtualization and seamless automation. Automated oversight and management view of production at all levels, lines, and stages of the process.
  • The assurance of quality and efficiency, observing government standards of high-compliance industries.
  • The IT & OT systems benefit from the full capabilities of digitalisation, including operational efficiency, competitiveness, and the creation of new revenue streams.

Return On Investment

  • 70% Improvement in digital service resiliency through compute infrastructure modernization.
  • Government Compliance with regulations for high-compliance verticals.
  • 25% Efficiency Increase considering improvements in workforce efficiency and downtime reductions.
  • Integrated legacy networks, reducing risks, complexity, and improving overall security and operating uptime.
  • 10-30% Productivity Increase considering improvements from direct labour and manufacturing overhead (conversion costs).

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